Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kraft It Up - November Challenge

Owl Always Love You

The KIU challenge for November is to use Kraft of course... and decorative edges...
think punches, scissors, diecut strips (Sass Lass papers are a good example of these) diecut papers, specialty ribbons (pom poms) and crocheted trims just to name a few.

Had a bit of a block with this LO, so I had to leave it for a  day and come back to it.  After a bit of fiddling it turned out OK.  Pulled out and photo of Luke taken when he was quite a bit younger... he looks so sweet & handsome.  Used the Kraft for the base which I painted with orange and green splatters and added stamped a border around the edge.  For my decorative edges I used Martha Stewart and EK Success punches, scallop scissors on corrugated cardboard, pp strips, SL border, embossed some cs, sticker strip, pleated fabric strip and some knotted mesh ribbon... I think I went a bit mental!!!  Finished off with a few buttons and an owl embellie.

Cherry On Top Award

I received this lovely award from Nadia and there are some rules that apply when you pass it on, so here they are...

The rules are:

1. Thank the person that gave it to you!

Thanks so much Nadia for the Cherry On Top Award.  You are so very sweet!!

2. Post it with pride on your blog!


3. List 3 things you love about yourself!

1) I am a very giving person.

2) I can always see & take into consideration both sides of a story.

3) I don't stay angry for very long.

4. Post a picture you love!



I love this picture because, it's a rare thing to see me in a photo.  I just hate having my pic taken... I think I always look terrible unless someone takes the photo when I'm not looking... then they're not too bad.  Anyway even with the squinty eye thing going on I love this photo because I am with my two beautiful children and they are not making silly faces... (you should see the other 10 pics) so this is a very precious photo.

5. Tag 5 other people with the award






Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks again Nadia for nominating me. 

Now I have to reveal 10 things you probably don't know about me.

1. I have been happily married to my husband Yves for 25 years.

2. I have become addicted to watching "Jerseylicious" I know it really is a shocking show... but I can't help myself.  I have to know what will happen next... that big hair and all that makeup... straight out of the 80's!!!

 3.  I was born in Paris France and came to Australia when I was three years old. 

4. I love carbs... I know it's bad but I couldn't live without pasta, bread or sugar in my coffee.

5.  I am a bit of a neat freak... but I have to say as I am getting older I am getting better... not as up tight about it as I used to be.

6. I love going outside and gazing at a beautiful blue sky... it's the best pick me up when you're feeling a bit down.

7. I cannot function unless I have my morning coffee.

8. I am a night owl and don't usually go to bed until midnight... a bit of an insomniac!!

9. I have a French mother, Italian father and South African husband... our children really have a great ethnic mix... now you know where Luke gets that fro from... lol!!

10.  I don't wear jeans or shorts, only skirts or dresses... I hate my thighs (yuk)... got to keep them well hidden.

That's enough about me... now I must pass this on to 10 people.  They are:







Tania Martyns




Thanks again so much Nadia.  I just love visiting your blog... your work is so inspirational!! hugs Cathy.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. thank you for this!
    I loved learning about you, , your parents, things that you like.
    the picture is absolutely beautiful!
    Next week I'll post this on my blog.
    Hugs and thank!

  2. Hey Cathy. I'm glad I passed it on because now I know a little about you..:o) I actually found many things we have in common while reading about you! And the pick is great, gorgeous actually! Thanks for your kind words always and for your support. HAve a good night, Nadia.!

  3. omg, wow, love that layout, wow,

  4. Thanks so much for the award i am really slck with these things though lol.Great pic of you alll too.TAke care Kerry xx

  5. Your KIU LO is just gorgeous Cathy. Love those splatters of colour. B-)

  6. Ooohh thank you so much for my blog award - my very 1st one :)....big hug back!!! Will post & pass it on later today.
    Love your LO Cathy, especially the layers, colours and the splatters of paint.
    Loved reading your info, I am a South African too, we moved here nearly 2 years ago so we still pretty new!

  7. awesome lo cathy .. so hearing ya with the stuck part, you certainly passed that road block very well tho! love that you always have creative border and a splash of some paint somewhere :)) look like we tagged each other for the cherry on top did we... hehehe - too funny! hugs x

  8. Thanks so much for my first blog award :) Shall try and post it on my blog before I go away on Wednesday :)

    Gorgeous LO as usual. Love the paint work and the border

  9. oh Cathy thanks so much for passing on the award to me .. great idea I loved reading about you ... some similarities with us both .. energy is amazing isnt it!!! similar energies are drawn together..I love your layout too, great colour combos .. you really are very special..I will post the award on my blog when I work out how to do it ??? LOL ... HUGS FROM ME X

  10. Firstly wow, that layout turned out amazing, I sometimes have blocks like that, I will do what you do and come back to it, this seems to be the best to get this amazing result.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful award, I so look forward to Friday, not the drive but the other end.....I loved hearing those things about you and have to tell you we have lots in common eg. thighs, coffee, neat freak, giving.

    I love the gorgeous pic of all of you too, and wow what an amazing heritage you have. That's why you are all so beautiful. Love to you, melxx

  11. WOWSERS Cathy!!! Love the LO for KIU!!! The colours are sensational!!! Thanks heaps for the award! You are such a sweetie! xo

  12. Hey Cathy. I just learnt so much about you. Love the heritage in your family. Now the KIU is unreal. So different I think to what you normally do. Maybe it is the colours or the style/design. Love the pic of DS when he was younger and that pic of the three of you is lovely too.

  13. Hi Cathy! Thanks so much for the award! That's super nice of you! :D :D
    I love your KIU layout - wowee - just amazing.
    I enjoyed reading about you; and there's quite a few similarities there between us... except for the coffee bit - I don't drink it... haven't even tried it, would you believe! Same goes for tea too! lol! Thanks again. :D

  14. HI Cathy...thank you for the lovely award!!!! I loved reading your 10 points...totally agree with 4 and 7...haven't heard of Jerseylicious but perhaps that is a good As for no. 10...totally opposite but for the same reason...does that make sense?
    Love that LO...the depth and texture that you achieve is just amazing!!!

  15. Your KIU layout is awesome.....beautiful colours. Thanks so much for joining in.

  16. Love the KIU challenge, all those edges, super cute!

  17. How strange???...a couple of my comments have disappeared! Huge thank you for the award, as I'm a huge fan of your work, I'm honoured that you thought of me!
    Love your KIU...the colours, texture & paint splatters.