Sunday, August 3, 2014

Color Stories Inspiration Scrap365 #7

Hi Everyone,

I have this months Scrap 365 #7 case file for Colour Stories Inspiration to share with you. 

This LO was inspired by Luke's love of climbing, ever since he was a very young boy. I have chosen to write a haiku which reads -
Reaching for the sky
Each climb a new adventure
Such a free spirit

I have hand written some journaling about Luke's love of climbing on the back of my LO.

Ever since you were a very young boy, you loved to climb. There were many days where I would hear you calling out "mum look at me, look how high I can go", which would instantly send me into a panic wondering what you had managed to climb this time. You showed no fear, as children do, thinking they are invincible. I remember one time when you were only about 4 or 5 where I woke up and couldn't find you in the house. I eventually heard you outside and couldn't figure out how you got there, as the doors were all locked. I found out to my horror, that you had climbed out the kitchen window, which was 4 metres from the ground and shimmied down the drain pipe to the concrete below. You finally realised one day when you were 12 years old that climbing can be a very dangerous activity, when you were showing off to your friends at school and climbed up to the 2nd floor of the school classroom. You lost your grip and fell to the concrete below, breaking both your arms and fracturing your skull. We had a couple of years of operations and trips to the hospital, before your one arm which had been badly broken was finally repaired, but unfortunately you lost some movement in that arm. A hard lesson was learned that day and now you only climb using full safety gear at the rock climbing centre.

Reaching for the Sky

hot air balloon
polka dots
Inspiration words - high free
Journaling written on the back of LO

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  1. Such an adorable lay-out! I just love the colours and the cute photo.

  2. OOOPS!!!! And he STILL climbs???!!!!!! Love the silver in the sun rays behind the pic.....the clouds look fab.....neat page:):)))

  3. wow Cathy .. you have rocked this case file ... love the way you have used the colors , absolutely fabulous x

  4. Oh my goodness fortunately my son was not a climber, but I have heard of many boys who are.. So glad he is a bit more careful now.. fabulous layout, love the rays on your back ground and the spats of green too..

  5. lovely cathy, your solve the case wonderfully

  6. This is such a beautiful layout. I love the subtle colour tones just gorgeous. Love the hot air balloons and the little heart just finished the layout off to perfection. Wow scary to have such a climber , it is a wonder he still wants to climb, but luckily with safety in mind now.